M    O    D    A        G    R    O    U    P   .


MODA TEKSTIL is the production facility of the group.
There we prepare new production-orders for several international customers. Each customer has its own wishes, details and way of working.
And though the order-quantity can vary from exclusive/small to large amounts, we handle each customer and its order with the same importance and care!

We are specialised in woven items, mainly such as pants and jeans, but we can also produce dresses, shirts or jackets.
And with good connections in all other groups, we can supply for example from belts or bags to t-shirts or heavy knitwear.

For information about production, please mail info@modagroup.biz or call our office in Istanbul + 90-212-6374488

Looking forward hearing from you.

Below you can find some styles which we made.

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